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Howto check old (floppy) disks for physical damages (bad sectors)

Using badblocks
Run “badblocks” as root

# badblocks

gives you the following output:

Aufruf: badblocks [-b Blockgröße] [-i Eingabedatei] [-o Ausgabedatei] [-svwnf]
        [-c Blöcke_auf_einmal] [-d Verzögerungsfaktor_zwischen_Lesedurchgängen]
        [-e maximale_Bad_Blocks] [-p Anzahl_Durchgänge]
        [-t Testmuster [-t Testmuster [...]]]
        Gerät [letzter_Block [Startblock]]

To scan an old disk for errors/badblocks type:

# badblocks -v /path/to/drive

“-v” for verbose output. Entering the path to the device worked for me. As always you can redirect the output by using the “>” character.

My working command was:

# sudo badblocks -v /dev/sdi

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