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Stress your webserver

If you wonder how many requests you need to collapse your webserver – siege is a wonderful tool finding that out. Install: # yaourt -Sy siege Running siege from the console outputs:

Snippet: Visualize your vnstat output with a PHP frontend

You want some fance graphics instead of boring numbers for your vnstat-statistics? No problem. Bjorge Dijkstra developed some time ago a small php script. You need a running apache (httpd) or another webserver with php-abilities. Get the tar-archive from Bjorges website, extract it and see what happened. # su – # cd /sev/http # wget […]

How to monitor your bandwith on a single client with vnstat

Sometimes you wonder how much traffic you just used to stream a music video or just checking out some repositories. In some cases it is good to know how much you just used (i.e. some contracts with limited bandwidth promisises – like mobilephones). vnstat is a little piece of software which periodically captures your foodprints […]

Howto check old (floppy) disks for physical damages (bad sectors)

Using badblocks Run “badblocks” as root # badblocks gives you the following output: Aufruf: badblocks [-b Blockgröße] [-i Eingabedatei] [-o Ausgabedatei] [-svwnf] [-c Blöcke_auf_einmal] [-d Verzögerungsfaktor_zwischen_Lesedurchgängen] [-e maximale_Bad_Blocks] [-p Anzahl_Durchgänge] [-t Testmuster [-t Testmuster […]]] Gerät [letzter_Block [Startblock]] To scan an old disk for errors/badblocks type: # badblocks -v /path/to/drive “-v” for verbose output. Entering […]

chrome/chromium won’t load some domains

Sometimes chrome/chromium refuses to load some pages (in my case ironically (not .com) and You’ll get a timeout. What is the problem? Since the affected domains do load in different browsers, I held some kind of DNS-cache responsible. A little research confirmed my suspicion. Typing  into the chromium adress bar chrome://net-internals/#dns and hitting […]